Blues Busters: How to Beat The Winter Blues Naturally

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Blues Busters: How to Beat The Winter Blues Naturally

Baby, it’s cold outside!  SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of seasonal depression, meaning that it comes usually during fall and winter and goes away in spring and summer. This condition is also called the “Winter Blues” and is estimated to affect 10 million Americans. Some common symptoms include:

  • emotional exhaustion
  • fatigue
  • irritation
  • isolation
  • apathy

If you identify with any of these symptoms, take a look at these 5 tips to help bust those winter blues!

  1. Get Outside: It is easy to want to stay inside during the colder months, but to get enough vitamin D in the winter, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to go outside when the sun is shining. Spending time in the sunlight and fresh air can lower stress levels and help regulate your emotions.
  2. Get High-Quality Sleep: A lack of enough good-quality sleep is a big contributor to winter blues. Lack of sleep leads to irritability, stress, mood swings and loss of focus. Aim for a minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep.
  3. Get Moving: Exercising 30 minutes a day can help you produce endorphins that fight and eliminate stress. In addition to your mind, your heart, lungs, and muscles will thank you!
  4. Nourish Your Body: During cold months, we tend to reach for rich “comfort” foods that may be processed and higher in sugar and skip our usual balanced whole food meals. Maintain a healthy balance and incorporate foods that are high in Vitamin D such as salmon or another oily fish, certain mushrooms, egg yolks, or foods fortified with Vitamin D.
  5. Get Professional Counseling: If you are concerned about your mental well-being or if your blues become more than you can handle, reach out to someone for help.

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