Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup, Decatur GA

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Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup, Decatur GA

Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup goes through several phases to make it the effective syrup it is!

1️⃣The first phase is soaking.

2️⃣The second phase is decocting or boiling/simmering the berries and roots.

3️⃣The third phase is the infusion of the leaves and rosehips to capture all of the essence of the delicate herbs without destroying their properties by extreme heat.

4️⃣The fourth phase, once it has cooled to be able to handle, is to manually strain the berries and herbs using cheesecloth to render ALL of the goodness remaining.

5️⃣The last and final phase is to add local raw honey.

My desire is for everyone who purchases Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup to have a pleasant experience from the love, care and time that goes into making every batch of syrup.


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