Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup, Decatur GA

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Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup, Decatur GA

Elderberry syrup is a popular home remedy that has been used for preventing colds and other seasonal illnesses. It is made from the berries of the Sambucus shrub. Elderberries date back to ancient Egypt. Hippocrates, the father of medicine referred to the elderberry plant as his “medicine chest.” 

Just one cup of berries contains about 40% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C and they are the 2nd highest source of antioxidants next to aronia berries. 

In addition to organic elderberries, Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup includes cinnamon, ginger, clove, star anise, nettle root and leaf, rosehips, astragalus and local raw honey. Each of these organic ingredients were chosen for their various antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and nutrient rich properties that work to support and modulate the immune system and assist with seasonal allergies. An added bonus is that they are delicious and create a delicious syrup.

The process of making Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup goes through several phases to make it the effective syrup it is!

The first phase is adding the berries, spices, and roots to filtered water.

The second phase is decocting or boiling/simmering the berries, spices, and roots.

The third phase is the infusion of the nettle leaves and rosehips to capture all of the essence of the delicate herbs without destroying their properties by extreme heat.

The fourth phase is straining the ingredients through a cheesecloth and then using a fruit press to render ALL of the remaining goodness from the berries, herbs, spices, and roots.

The last and final phase is to cool the syrup and add local raw honey. 

Every ingredient in our Signature Elderberry Syrup works together to form a powerful and effective year-round remedy for the whole family.  (Raw honey is not recommended for babies under 1 year of age.)

We take pride in using only whole organic ingredients in our Signature Elderberry Syrup. We do not use artificial sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives like you’d find in the big box elderberry syrup products. 

We look forward to providing all natural, immune supporting wellness options for you and your families. Be well!

To order Faith’s Signature Elderberry Syrup, visit our online shop. 

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