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Faith’s Soothing Throat Spray is a delightful, alcohol-free glycerite infused with 2 types of immune supporting echinacea, soothing sage and cooling peppermint to bring comfort to your throat within minutes. These organic herbs are antiviral and anti-catarrhal. They can reduce the production rate of mucous and help in reducing inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Shake gently and spray 3 sprays directly into the back of your throat. Use it as often as needed for great tasting immune support and soothing a sore throat.



  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Distilled water
  • Organic peppermint
  • Organic sage
  • Organic echinacea purpurea
  • Organic echinacea angustifolia



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Weight .5 lbs


4 reviews for Faith’s Soothing Throat Spray

  1. Ericka Morrison

    My throat was hurting yesterday and I was using Ricola throat lozenges left and right. It helped a little but not enough. As soon as I finished one I needed another. This morning my throat was still hurting. My 8-year-old daughter’s throat was also hurting. I picked up Faith’s Soothing Throat Remedy after dropping my older two kids off at school and used 3 sprays on myself first to test it. My throat felt better literally within minutes of using it. I did 4 sprays on my daughter and she went back to sleep. When she woke up she said her throat was fine. I am sold! Not only does it have ingredients I feel happy using for me and my kids but it works!


    So, I lucked up on a pure treasure. My throat hurts off and on, especially during this pandemic. So I got some of this soothing spray, and I promise you, anytime I feel anything coming on, I go straight to this spray, and I get instant results. And all the natural ingredients make it a winner for me. I got some for my Mom, and her and her husband are loving it as well. Her husband had a cough, and this instantly helped him. I highly recommend this spray, because it will be a permanent fixture in my household.

  3. Camille Richardson (verified owner)

    We’ve had a few bouts of sore throats this winter and Faith’s throat spray has worked wonders! 1) it tastes great! 2) the spray bottle she chose is perfect because it shoots the throat spray all the way to the back of your throat! 3) it really helps control the pain and also help combat the dry throat feeling! 4) it’s all natural, so I use it on my 2 and 5 year olds happily!

  4. Mary Boyle

    I really love this throat spray, which is helping me with some throat discomfort tied to GI issues. Not only is it soothing, I know the ingredients are highest quality and it gives me relief that is healthful rather than just numbing. As another reviewer noted, the bottle is high quality as well (both amber to protect the ingredients and a good sprayer to keep working!). I’d run out and very glad to have it again.

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