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Elderberries are the edible fruit of the elderberry shrub. Two common varieties are Sambucus nigra, which grows in Europe and Sambucus Canadensis which grows in North America.

Elderberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and flavanoids-which may provide anti-inflammatory benefits that can support your immune system.

Researchers have found evidence of elderberry being used back to ancient Egypt. Hippocrates known as the “father of medicine” described the elderberry plant as his “medicine chest” because of the wide variety of benefits it possessed. 

Evidence Showing Elderberry Effects On Colds and The Flu

Studies like this and this have shown that elderberries can ease, shorten the duration by at least 4 days and even prevent symptoms of cold and flu. 

This study was a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study of 312 air travelers taking capsules containing 300 mg of elderberry extract three times per day. It found that those who got sick experienced a shorter duration of illness. They also experienced less severe symptoms than those taking the placebo.  

This study shows how compounds from elderberries can directly inhibit the virus’s entry and replication in human cells, and can help strengthen a person’s immune response to the virus.

This study, a meta-analysis of randomized trials of 180 participants studying the effects of elderberry for cold and flu concluded that it is indeed effective in substantially reducing upper respiratory symptoms.

Can Elderberry Help with specific coronaviruses?

While there isn’t enough research to answer this question with absolute certainty, we do know that elderberries are effective against coronaviruses due to their antiviral properties.

Elderberries are immune modulating which means they support the immune system when needed and balance the immune system when needed. They do NOT act as immune stimulants as some believe.

Last year there was much talk of cytokine storms. Dr. Chris D’adamo said, “Elderberry can increase inflammatory cytokines in people with an otherwise healthy condition, that’s desirable that helps us fight infections; however, there’s no evidence that elderberry would increase the risk of a cytokine storm. He also said, “If Elderberry was a strong enough immune stimulator to produce a cytokine storm, it would be a great anti-cancer nutrient.  But in fact, it’s immune strengthening properties are not strong enough to cause a significant release of interleukins and cytokines.”

It is always in our best interest to strengthen and support our immune systems, especially against highly contagious coronaviruses. We will continue to take our daily doses of our Signature Elderberry Syrup. 

We encourage you to research and learn more to help in your decisions for you and your family. 

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