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At Faith’s Signature Organics we know how important it is to keep your family healthy. That’s why we use nature’s finest organic ingredients in each of our products.

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Faith's Signature Elderberry Syrup

elderberry syrup | Atlanta

Faith's Signature Sea Moss Gel

Organic Sea Moss Gel | Atlanta

Faith's Soothing Throat Spray

Soothing Throat Spray | Immediate Relief

Elderflower Tranquility Herbal Tea

Herbal Organic Tea

Elderberry Testimonials

Mia F

Mia F

"Normally my kids get sick each year during the fall and winter months. Faith's Signature Elderberry Syrup has kept my kids healthy through cold and flu season this year. I highly recommend it."

Myron M.

Myron M.

"My Son Micah came down with the flu and we picked up Faith's Signature Elderberry Syrup. Her product is the best. Micah was up and going in 2 days. Way different than when he got the flu in the spring. Thanks again"

  • I am addicted to your Soothing Throat Spray. Everyday and anytime I feel a tickle in my throat I'm spraying. I keep 1 in my car, on my desk and on my nightstand. THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

    Tiffany Jordan-James Avatar Tiffany Jordan-James

    The Sea Moss Boss! A wholistic approach to immunity and energy benefits. I highly recommend!

    Imperial Kevin Avatar Imperial Kevin

    I have actively been taking the elderberry supplement and have really a boost in my energy and less allergy symptoms. Definitely essential for this time of the year!

    BriK aL Avatar BriK aL
  • I have Tried the SeaMoss products the Tea and Gel which both are very good to boost your Immune System. Also the Elderberry syrup is a must have during this Covid viruse and Flu season. I found the products to be Pure with No!!! Extra Additive s. I highly recommend Faith's Signature Organics products.

    Kathy Clark Avatar Kathy Clark

    Love the (very yummy) vanilla chai sea moss and the skin balm. The elderberry tea is super calming and great on a cold day!

    Sara Schubert Avatar Sara Schubert

    High quality products!
    Excellent customer service!

    Juliet Steward Avatar Juliet Steward